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What are Shvasa Classes all about?

What are Shvasa Classes all about?

Shvasa classes are time-tested and the teaching principles and methods will ensure that all your efforts are aligned to meeting goals and maximizing practice outcomes. The teachers at Shvasa work on every aspect of practitioner’s body i.e. strength, flexibility, and balance. They help the students to progress to the next level at the right time and right pace.

Types of classes at Shvasa

Hatha Yoga

The Hatha Yoga classes are a steady-paced session in which each asana is held for 5 deep conscious breaths. No specific transitions are practiced while moving from one asana to another. 

The sessions starts with Loosening and warming up before moving to standing, seating, lying down, and inversions. This gentle pace allows for all beginners to catch up/ recover after every asana and for every intermediate-level practitioner to observe the after-effects of the practice. The sessions are well balanced, covering all major positions and spinal bends for a healthy physical body. Hatha sessions allows for systematic breath training and deepening of breath.

Note: We always recommend a beginner to start with our Hatha yoga classes.

Vinyasa Yoga

In Vinyasa yoga classes, the Hatha asanas are strung together into a continuous flow called Vinyasas or sequences. Specific transitions are practiced to move from one asana to another. Breath is coordinated with every movement and the sequences are repeated to train the movement and breath to sync together. The pace here is steady but the flow is continuously making it a good cardio/ endurance training. Knowledge of individual asanas and a fairly fit body is required to take on these challenging sessions. The Vinyasa classes are well balanced, covering all major positions and spinal bends for a healthy physical body. Vinyasa sessions are great for endurance, coordination and systematic breath training.

Note: As the students progress in their journey of yoga with us, we recommend them Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Shvasa Signature classes

These sessions are designed on a classical Hatha approach with Asanas and breathwork used to bring about a calm and centered state of mind. A short meditation is practiced to complete the body-breath-mind synchronization. These signature sessions cover the alignment of body-breath-mind elements into a harmonized, conscious united single entity. Repeated practice of such sessions leads to a sense of grounding, clarity, and self-contentment. The typical yoga practice journey begins with Hatha, moving to vinyasa, and settling in Shvasa signature sessions. 

The flow of the class

The class comprises 50 mins of Asana class, then we practice a few minutes of body stillness, after that, we move onto pranayama and we end the class with a few minutes of Shavasana for complete relaxation.

About the teachers

All yoga teachers at Shvasa have been trained under and constantly guided by Yoga acharyas whose practice is a balanced blend of traditional knowledge and modern scientific research. Each one of these highly disciplined teachers, with their earnest efforts, will share only the authentic and relevant practice with you.

What are Shvasa Classes all about?
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