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Science behind Yoga


In contemporary times, advanced scientific research has illuminated the profound effects of traditional Yoga on the physical, physiological, and psychological dimensions. Beyond being mere exercise, Yoga enhances bodily flexibility, fortifies various systems including organs and muscles, and brings into harmony diverse systems ranging from the nervous to the skeletal, immune, and circulatory systems.


A key advantage of Yoga lies in fostering sound mental health. Yoga practices heighten mindfulness and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, triggering a calming 'rest and digest' response. As a highly effective method to alleviate stress, Yoga harmonizes the hormonal system, thus offering improved regulation of emotions and thoughts.


Yoga provides a means to tap into our most vital and potent resource: our breath. Through mastery and conscious regulation of breathing, we can significantly uplift our health and overall well-being. Cultivating the practice of mindful breathing empowers us to engage the more advanced areas of the brain, thereby enabling a fuller experience of life.

Types of Bonzaik Yoga classes

Best online beginner yoga classes
Beginners Yoga
Best online meditation classes
Best online Intermediate Yoga classes
Best online pranayama classes
Best online advance yoga classes
Best online yoga classes for joint pains
Yoga for
Joint Pains
Best online beginner yoga classes
Beginners Yoga
Best online meditation classes
Best online Intermediate Yoga classes
Best online pranayama classes
Best online advance yoga classes
Best online yoga classes for joint pains
Yoga for
Joint Pains

Benefits of Yoga

• Improves strength and flexibility
• Better balance and coordination
• Relieves stress, anxiety and depression
• Better emotional and mental balance
• Improves relationships
• Better quality of sleep
• Healthy and sustained weight loss
• Induces mindfulness
• Improves energy levels
• Strengthens immunity
• Provides a sense of calm and peace from within

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Embark on a path to a healthier way of life with real-time yoga sessions. Our skilled instructors tailor your yoga experience to align with your individual aspirations and requirements. Enjoy the flexibility to schedule, postpone, or modify your sessions as per your convenience.

How our online yoga classes help

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longer format icon
Longer format
  • Our 60-minute sessions consist of a well balanced & complete yoga practice. You will be working on all major body parts and physiological systems.

  • Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate at yoga, our experienced teachers will guide you through a safe practice to help you graduate to the next level.

  • These classes are aimed at helping you achieve all your wellness and fitness goals while making you more mindful, balanced, and healthy.

shorter format icon
Shorter Format
20 - 30 min
  • Our short format, 20-30m classes are designed to help you stick to your habit of yoga even if you are pressed for time.

  • You can easily book these classes to practice Asana, pranayama or meditation

  • These are great to start your day on a positive note, to de-stress or for a quick rest and reboot. These sessions are also great for winding down at the end of your busy day and prepare for a sound sleep.

time flexibility icon
Time flexibility
  • While it is recommended you practice at the same time regularly, we understand it can be hard to juggle your responsibilities. This is why we provide complete time flexibility for you.

  • We have classes across time zones, morning and evening, allowing you to choose a time of your convenience.

  • You can easily book classes, cancel or reschedule to ensure you don’t miss your practice if something comes up

counsellor icon
  • We have Yoga counselors available for you to speak to at any time. They’re here to help you understand which classes would work best for your body type, fitness level, and level proficiency of yoga.

  • You can also connect with our counselors for guidance on diet, daily routine, and lifestyle.

  • We also have therapy experts to help in pain management, disorders, and conditions if you’re looking for private sessions or unsure of how to start your practice.

Types of Online Yoga classes we specialize in and teach

Bonzaik’s teachers have practiced and trained for years in the homeland of Yoga - India. Our teachers are experienced in various styles of Yoga, making sure you get to practice exactly what is required.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga classes are even-paced with great emphasis on the breath. Hatha Yoga postures when done in conjunction with the breath help us develop awareness, strength, focus, and balance. According to Hatha texts ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘tha’ means moon, and through the practice of Hatha Yoga we can balance these energies within the our bodies. Hatha Yoga can be very relaxing, yet energizing.

Vinyasa Yoga

Steady-paced dynamic classes, Vinyasa Yoga classes are practiced in a flow by stringing together asanas. Coordinated with the breath, these flows infuse energy, burn calories, ignite the digestive fire, called Agni, and improve strength and flexibility. Perfect for intermediate to advanced practitioners, these classes are challenging yet invigorating.

Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic and challenging type of Yoga asanas, Ashtanga vinyasa classes consists of a series of asanas in a fixed sequence that strengthen yet balance and calm the mind and body. Movements are coordinated with the breath and practiced in a mindful and concentrated manner.

Restorative Yoga

Slow, meditative, and relaxing is the essence of a Restorative Yoga class. Consisting of practices that aim to restore and rejuvenate the mind and body, these classes allow you to focus on the breath while releasing stress and tension. Gentle, stress-relieving movements are practiced for a healing and calming impact.

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced practice, these classes focus on holding in one posture for 4-5 minutes. These classes help develop a deep meditative and relaxed state of mind. It allows you to slow down, withdraw from the external, release stress, and feel energized.


Prana means life force and Yama means regulation. Through the practice of Pranayama, we regulate the breath, and thus, the life force. Through various breathing exercises, we can balance, cool down, and energize the body, along with regulating many physiological systems.


Proven to release stress, improve focus and productivity, sleep quality and calm the mind and body, meditation is a profound practice and one of the most positive habits you can form. We have regular, short meditation classes to help you achieve better mental health and well-being.

Yoga Nidra

A guided relaxation technique, this practice works on the subconscious mind, allowing you to release stress, anxiety, and worries. It balances the nervous system, helps overcome sleep difficulties, and is therapeutic for the mind.

Live Online yoga classes
Best Online Yoga Classes
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By mindfully practicing yoga, people can safely improve their mobility and strength while stretching aching and tight back muscles. Also suggest that they have to do this under supervision.

Dr.Elson Haas |  MD, Harvard Medical
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Want to Become a Yoga Instructor?

Take your Yoga practice to the next level by joining our Teachers Training Program. We have flexible timings and a hybrid study model that makes it convenient for you to attend and complete the program.


About Online Yoga
What are online live yoga classes?

Online live yoga classes are sessions practiced online through a video conference platform like Zoom, or Google Meet. The Yoga teacher is also logged in and can see you doing the practice and you can see the teacher show the practices. The teacher will lead and correct your practice in real-time.

What are online pre-recorded / OTC yoga classes? 

These sessions are different from online pre-recorded classes, where a teacher is not available to correct your practice. The whole class is pre-recorded by the teacher and uploaded. These are consumed just like any other streaming videos.

Is online yoga good for beginners?

Yes, online live classes are a good start for all beginners. This helps beginners to start off their wellness journey from the comfort of their home and at their convenient time. Attending a beginners class will ensure that the practice is relevant and safe.

Is online yoga beneficial?

An experienced yoga teacher can ensure that online live yoga sessions are as beneficial as in-person sessions. In many ways online classes are better than in person.

Is it better to do yoga online or in-person?

In many ways Online yoga is better than in-person yoga. Online sessions can be recorded and help in monitoring progress. One gets to practise from the comfort of their home that ensures regularity and habit creation.

What are 5 benefits of online yoga?

• Practice from the comfort of your home. Access recordings of practice and progress
• Access to experienced teachers from across the world
• No wasting time in commute
• Safe from infection due to commute and studio environment
• Encourages forming positive health habits

Can online yoga be effective?

Yes, Online yoga can be effective when done under an experienced and professional yoga teacher. The last 3 years have seen many online practitioners

How does an online yoga class work?

• Once you subscribe for the chosen package (number of classes per week) a login link is sent to your email and is will also appear on yourBonzaik dashboard
• You click on the link or class scheduled
• A video and audio check stage will appear
• On this check if your whole mat and your whole body is appearing on the camera
• Once ready, click join, you are now in an online class.

Who Should Take Online Yoga Classes?

• Anybody who is in need of quality yoga classes and would like to do it from their homes or offices can join
• Beginners with no yoga or fitness experience should also take online classes atBonzaik
• Intermediate and advanced practitioners should also join their daily dose of Yoga
• People with health, fitness, weight management and flexibility needs should join online classes

Can you lose weight/ lose belly fat doing yoga at home?

The major components of effectively managing one's weight are food, exercise and lifestyle. One this 3 pronged approach can yield desired results. Yoga asanas and breath practices are fantastic in helping manage weight safely and sustainably.

Do online yoga classes help in back pain?

There are some excellent asana and breathing practices that have been proven to be best in managing back pain. These practices can be done at home with the help of an experienced online live teacher. Most of these are gentle yet very effective in helping relieve back pain and also help in strengthening the back to take off the pressure due to long hours of sitting at the desk.

How can I do yoga at home during pregnancy?

A certified Prenatal teacher will be able to effectively design and guide you through all the relevant practices for each trimester. The teacher will use props available at home, like chairs, bolsters, pillows, to help make the practices more accessible and safe.

Is it safe to learn yoga online?

Online yoga is safe when practiced live and under the watchful eyes of an experienced yoga teacher. There are various considerations that the teacher needs to have to teach an online yoga class, so make sure the teacher is experienced in teaching online classes.

How does online yoga help stress management?

One can easily practice online all the asanas, breathwork and meditation practices that are recommended for stress management. An experienced teacher can very effectively lead you through a safe online practice. When practicing at home, not having to think about commuting and parking and traffic will definitely add to reducing stress.

AboutBonzaik Classes
What is the class timing?

We have 13 -14 sessions on weekdays and 6-8 sessions on weekends. We have both morning and evening sessions, we have designed them in a way that would suit the schedule of an urban yogi.

timing image
How long are the sessions?

Currently, we have
• 30min and 60min Yoga classes
• 20min breath work or pranayama classes
• 30min meditation and yoga Nidra classes.
All these classes are live with an experienced teacher so you can actually feel the impact much faster.

Where can I see my class schedule?

You can see the entire classes schedule here - Your earliest upcoming class can be accessed by logging on to your dashboard and will be in the upcoming class section right on top. You can also see all you classes booked in the Myclasses section here - You will have access to all class recordings for every single class that you have attended in the my classes section as well.

What are the subscription durations or packages available?

We firmly believe that Yoga is a discipline and you must create a habit so that you achieve the physical and mental benefits of yoga. We have subscriptions for twice a week, thrice a week as well as unlimited classes where you can daily practice yoga and we highly recommend this. You can but monthly, 3mo, 6mo or annual subscriptions as well. Here is a quick link to the pricing -

Can I get a diet consultation atBonzaik?

AtBonzaik, we firmly believe that food is an integral part of your well being. We have Ayurveda counselling with an Ayurvedic doctor who will help you understand your body type and what food suits you. This is available at a min cost of $20 for a 30-minute session. You will greatly benefit from this.

What are the different styles of yoga you teach?

AtBonzaik, our goal is to teach authentic practices to meet the current needs. Classical Hatha practices forms the core of all our offerings. To suit the abilities and needs of every individual we teach various approaches of classical Hatha. Asana sessions follow either a Hatha (Steady paced, holding of asanas to build strength); or a Vinyasa (movements stitched together for smooth yet challenging transitions to build stamina and endurance) approach. More approaches are being developed to be introduced soon

Do you teach pranayama and meditation?

AtBonzaik we believe that yoga is a body, breath and mind practice. We offer dedicated 20 and 30-minute classes for Pranayama as well as meditation and yoga Nidra throughout the day. In every 60min yoga class, we also ensure you practice pranayama as well as a body stillness practice so that you get the maximum benefit.

Can I get the recording of the sessions to practice on the days I am not doing the practice? 

Class recordings are available in your account and can be accessed anytime by you. There are also other practice videos that you can access from the dashboard for continuing your practice on days you miss or don't have sessions.

Do you have something for back pain/ PCOS/ PCOD/ weight loss?

Yes, we do, We have a structured asana practice that has worked for many in overcoming and managing Back conditions, PCOD/PCOS, and in weight management. These asanas have been modified and sequenced based on a clear understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the condition. Our teachers will guide you through these practices while ensuring safety in every step of the way.

Can I do yoga during my period/ menstruation?

Everybody’s body is different. We do believe that gentle beginner classes must be practised during your periods. It helps in ensuring the blood flows out and helps in reducing cramps.

That said we must learn to understand and accept our own bodies. If you are someone who goes through a lot of pain or have any specific condition leading to heavy menstruation, pls check with your yoga teacher in theBonzaik class and they will guide you.

How many days in a week should I do the practice?

We have seen that people who practice for a min of 4-5 days a week, derive the maximum benefit faster. Having said that, one must start with a schedule that they can follow easily so as to stay consistent with the practice.

Which style of class is best for me?

If you have not practiced yoga or have done it a very long time back, we suggest you start with the beginner’s class and stick with it for 3 to 12 months based on your fitness level and progress. We also recommend doing a daily 20min pranayama class on the days you do not do yoga. Post this you can join the Intermediate classes.

If you are a regular practitioner please attend the Intermediate classes. Every day you will learn to go deeper.

What should I eat before practice? / How long after my meals can I do the practice?

Yoga practices are most beneficial when performed on an empty stomach. However, a minimum of 2 hours gap is advised after having a full/heavy meal. Or, a minimum of 1 hour after a light snack.

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